a time for deep release & divine inspiration

Join me for a Full Moon Ceremony where we delve into subtle moon energy and allow the deep love within to come forth with ease and unveil the beautiful you.

Under the moon, we are invited to get quiet, free ourselves from distraction,

and tune into the subtle realms of Spirit and Energy.

Full Moon Ceremonies are designed to:

  • Help you heal in ways you did't know needed healing

  • Give you insight on how to decode your life

  • Be at peace with your emotions, your relationships, your career path and other areas you feel stuck

  • Bring parts of yourself back to life that have been shut down from trauma

  • Encourage you to shed old parts of you that no longer serve your highest good.

  • Deliver you to your hidden talents & source of creativity

  • Transform you and your life

All Full Moon Ceremonies take place on or near the Full Moon

The Next Ceremony is:


February 4th, 2023 @ 6:00pm EST

@ 7:30pm EST / 4:30 PST

Moon rituals invite us to get quiet, free ourselves from distraction, and tune in to the subtle realms of Spirit and energy.

The phases of the moon are

intimately connected to our own cycles of ebb and flow.

When we tune into the moon, we link to the natural forces that help us get clear and refine what we would like to call into our lives and bring to fruition.

Moon cycles are the most potent and effective ways we work with energy to manifest.

Full Moon classes include: 

Insight into the prominent energies you should be working with 

Jai’s astro-yogic teachings 

Kundalini Yoga (lite)

Kundalini meditation

Kundalini Mantras

Sound Healing

Ceremonial Cacao

Conscious Community

Soul Activations

I guarantee, when you participate in these classes, if you lean into the whisperings

of the moon, you will start to see the life you’ve always dreamed of begin to

form around you. 

New Moon Lunar Ceremony Invitation

What is a Full Moon Ceremony?

The full moon is the end of a lunar cycle. It marks a time of completion and/or course-correct towards our destiny.

Gathering in sacred ceremony is a powerful way to harness incredible energy as each of us is a portal for Source to work through. Group energy is known to generate immense power, thus the term "power in numbers".

The release of the full moon helps to create the space for more light codes, downloads, and insights to come through. You are here to evolve as change is the universal constant.

When you synch your awareness into the prevailing energy of the full moon, you receive valuable gifts and guidance on your highly individualized path and process. 

*full moon ceremonies are in studio only

How do Full Moon Ceremonies help us live more vibrant and aligned lives?

The full moon is the time to pause, check-in with self, and purge anything that doesn’t serve you.

It’s a time to let go and make room for the new. It’s also a time to celebrate what has come forth from new moon intentions previously set.

Whether it’s a time of release, celebration, or a bit of both, the full moon offers a potent time to create deep change at the subconscious level.

How Will The Full Moon Help Me?

Moon Ceremonies are a cutting edge form of therapy.

We are made of stars, we come from the cosmos. When we synch with the greater energies, we have a grand opportunity to heal our karmas and alchemize our wounds into our assets.

The moon reminds us all is possible because the moon is our inner world. 

The moon notably moves our emotions and illuminates our Soul. 

Moon Ceremony classes and coaching are designed to help you take another step towards unveiling the powerful, all-creative energy that exists within you.  

A Note From Jai:

Hi Soulful Seeker,

I’ve been intrigued by the moon most of my life. 

As a Cancer Sun and Cancer Rising, I am ruled by the moon.

I have found there are numerous gifts we can find within ourselves when we synch up with the moon cycles and receive the guidance she graciously offers.

The Universe is an amazing therapist ready to listen and offer solid solutions. 

Each month we are gifted a new lens to see ourselves, work on ourselves, release and renew parts of ourselves and better align with all the things we deeply want, wish for, and desire.

Moon ceremonies are my way of sharing the potency of the moon and how she can literally transform our lives by just allowing her subtle guidance to lead us towards happiness and holiness.

I look forward to sharing this sacred time with you and growing together. xo - Jai Jai

Is the Full Moon Message always the same?

Full Moon Ceremonies are activations for your soul, therefore recordings of this class are available to come back to as often as you need.  Timing is not relevant when receiving these transmissions.  We are living in an age where we need release the construct of time and affirm that our soul finds and receives the pertinent messages when it innately becomes ready for activations. 

If you cannot make a live class, but still want to receive the messages and meditation each moon brings, sign up and you will receive a recording of the moon ceremony.

Dates of Full Moon Lunar Ceremonies 2023

Meets 6.00 - 8:00pm EST

JAN (no class)






JULY (no class)


AUG 30


OCT 28

NOV 28

DEC 21

What about the New Moon?

In order to accommodate yogis in studio and online, Jai offers new moon ceremonies and moon time coaching online only

and full moon ceremonies in studio only. 

You can see more about our virtual New Moon Classes Here

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